IT support, simplicity itself...

Our technical laboratoryOperating System optimisation and Parameters
By ensuring the continuing smooth running of computer equipment allows our clients to stay focused on their core activities knowing that a professional technician is ensuring good practices to high standards.


  1. explained - How its potential can work for you.
  2. document sharing assured.
  3. Applications and services centralised online - such as Ms®Office 365™ ou Ms®Office™ Online.
  4. collaborative teamwork.
  5. Offsite secure storage facility.

Central storage for all the household:

Supply files and media for everyone on their Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones and all the network. Exactly as a central printer serving all computers

Discover Linux and keep Windows at the same time

In overseeing your personal stations and servers running under Windows or Linux your applications, data and networks are amply covered. The Good practice and protocols are part of the skills employed by our business.

All of our computer support services, such as diagnostics, analysis, maintenance, repairs and management, are undertaken with utmost attention to data security.

    Share your network and documents between MS, Linux and Androïd devices

  1. MULTIMEDIA and other files designated for sharing on the local network.
  2. A filter for secure navigation to avoid being tracked and receiving tiring publicity. This can help avoid Phishing and other dangerous, and other, false web domaines...
  3. Service privé pour naviguer sur les points d’accès publics sans risque.
Linux penguin

Let us show you how to keep your Windows whilst exploring the added privacy and security of modern Linux.

Manjaro logo

Meet the neat compact mini-computer on a printed circuit board
The Rasberry pi
Carry out your own chosen fun projects providing for new house and work services.
We can explain different useful projects and how to best go about them.
From a micro (but surprisingly powerful) low budget computer to a server on the local network.




A repair and recycle policy for your equipment.

Our specialists are well placed for guiding you in choosing or replacing your computer equipment.

Let the computer technician put his expertise to service with your systems.

Ensuring comprehensive security including a publicity bloquer in order to protect everyones navigation. Such as protection against fraudulous websites or even websites that have been pirated.
Go even further by adding a virtual private network to your systems. Keeping your security and privacy is your choice, with a VPN it's easy and affordable.

Computer support and repairs

    cma reparacteursThe Chambres de Métiers et de l’Artisanat have combined with the ADEME, to encourage more reliance upon the skills and know-how of our local artisans, to repair articles instead of replacing them. With the label Répar’Acteurs.
    This mission includes the following objectives:

  • Value the know-how and expertise.
  • Repairs following troubleshooting by your technician.
  • Promote the local economy, reinforcing local activities, expertise and social cohesion.
  • reduce wastage of precious materials.
  • consume better, less and more thoughtfully, that is to say...

  • Economic - To repair is less costly than to replace.
  • Ecological - Produce less waste.
  • Local community - Two-way benefits for local crafts and economy.

Your solutions are made easy, durable and more economic. We can guide you in how best to achieve this.
Using our experience of creating, repairing and configuring computer systems on Windows as well as Linux distribution platforms.
Discover our local services and solutions for a circular economy protecting the valuable but diminishing planetary resources...

Assistance and network Resources, Management

list of common computer support services:

    Network resources
  1. Elimination of Malware - Viruses and unwanted Adware infections.
  2. Security Anti-virus, Firewall, Adware.
  3. Backing up data externally on connected storage or Cloud storage.
  4. Optimisation, Cleaning – Updates, Free-space restore response times, Defrag.
  5. Installation Software, packs(office, libre-office).
  6. Configuration of shared folders with appropriate Permissions for different working groups.

  7. Remote Desktop Intervention, Using a secure connection for a rapide intervention.

IT Services

  • Replace or fix a Peripheral and it's driver, such as a printer or part of.
  • Synchronisation Folders PC/MOBILE/TABLE.T
  • Installation "FAI" BOX delivered by the internet provider.
  • computer support
  • Network Configuration: Business or domestic Within a domain or WORKGROUP.
  • Network Configuration: VPN (Virtual private Network) computer to computer, site to site, VPN configuration for secure surfing from a public WIFI access point.

  • Optimisation and analysis system performance.
  • Installation Hardware : Memory, Graphics card and PCI extensions.
  • Network Configuration: Wifi / Ethernet, Switching, Routing. DMZ.
  • Replacement Addition Hard disk, RAID setup. NAS configuration.
  • Replacement Power socket, screen, Inverter.

We will also provide

    computer support services
  • Training courses - Learning Web surfing and usage, Office suite - Word, Excel, Powerpoint,
  • Computer Courses at home
  • Consultancy | computer support through Evolving systems | new equipment | environments & changing business requirements | Publicity blocking
  • Bilingual services - For computer Assistance | multilingual Websites | Documents
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Systems Architecture Maintenance & computer support

  • A computer system finds it's true potential when linked through the local network. For example, the sharing of collaborative folders and files, centrally stored, will facilitate the security of critical professional data; whilst coordinating their real-time synchronization following any modifications.
  • Whether it's a domestic setup for private use, or an integrated DOMAIN, or WORKGROUP, within a business infrastructure, your networks deserve the best security, computer support and configuration. As such, being universally functional, rapid and accessible for your unique requirements and those of your clients.
  • Deploying new operating systems, or programs, Including the updates, across your network, will, both, save time and increase productivity of your colleagues and staff.
  • With an internet connection the possibilities for secure inter-site communications become simplified as if the different sites are part of the same office. For example, the application Remote desktop which allows a desktop environment to be displayed securely on separate client devices such as a laptop or tablet.
  • This also applies for your private installation, at home, for any voluntary charitable activity or other type of service such as a Wi-Fi HOTSPOT or Cabled network.
  • Not forgetting an access to this network, completely secure, from almost anywhere.
  • With an easy acces to teamwork documents stored in the cloud allowing team members in different localities to safely continue their contributions.

The Web...

The structure of Internet is such that, by it's conception it is practically indestructible, being a meshed network, which self regulates when a pathway is lost, even with natural or human provoked events the World Wide Net remains in operation, globally. Therefore, with this built-in reliability and it's ubiquitous presence at home and in the workplace, that Internet has become unavoidable in everyday life.

Cloud Computing

the Cloud is an on-line storage area, available through the business network and/or through the internet. Consisting of both applications, such as Office 365 or Adobe cloud computing for graphic designers, or specialized business applications, and their documents. Wherever there is an internet connection, be it Wi-Fi or cabled, for those who are on the move, work outside of a fixed office or work in collaboration with a team. They’ll always be able to have up to date documents and continue to work from anywhere. The offer of cloud services is vast with leaders such as google drive, Micosoft Onedrive or Dropbox amongst the most renowned.
This storage area, also called ‘cloud computing’ consisting of volatilised resources (not being installed on your computer) that are secure. This allows for a filtered access, permitting different types of intervention to modify or to simply access a particular file.

Flexible ressources, always available through a secure internet connection, from anywhere, on your portable, tablet and smartphone without having the worries of a computer hic-up resulting in document integrity being compromised.

network connections