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Private Users and Associations
Small businesses

Computer repairs, optimisations and network solutions

Our business is to keep you up and running. We can provide the kind of support that you are looking for

MS Windows


Linux distributions

is your computer slowing down?

In discussing your computer problems you're sure to have things running optimally with our technical support, consultancy and computer services.

Insuring the success in the aquisiton and installation for easy upgrades.
Giving a new lease of life to existing installations.


Many of our clients are private people with home computers, tablets and smartphones. We value these clients highly ensuring rapid Computer assistance and services, through our qualified technician.

Following your intervention from start right through to it's conclusion. providing advice on how to get the most from this equipment and connected installations.




Has your site changed recently? Here is some help in re-thinking the process with an audit.

70% of all clients prefer to work with businesses who have a modern internet presence.

Your bilingual

bilingual websites


Growing experience

From the emerging markets division at Dell server center expert center, in Montpellier

where server and network analysts are most rigorous.
Bilingual technical support and assistance skills for a major international pharmaceutical laboratory in southern France.

Imagine your website

professionally presented and corrected for the appropriate language.

Native visitors will be able to concentrate on the contents and not its semantics.

Discover the possibilities

A complete bilingual service

We'll accompany you for easy understanding, and expression, in your posts, pages, technical notices.

Whether written in French or another language.

For more details

Go a bit further and try some new projects

Begin with the extra comfort of working with several screens when using different application and navigaters.

Have you tried the modern, reliable, Linux operating system yet?

Discover the liberty of free open source applications. That's to say programs that are maintained by communities of enthusiasts. You can keep Windows and discover Linux at the same time.

Manjaro distribution

Maybe Apple has stopped supporting your machine or you simply want to try out Linux operating system

Upgrading your iMac and MacBook to Linux so restoring the performance previously experienced and adding the freedom of open source. There is a wide range of familiar operating systems such as Ubuntu ou Manjaro, each one brings it plethora of benefits.

projets raspberrypi

Discover some great projets with the Raspberry pi le micro computer on a card. Exploit and more fully master your local network.

Enhance your network and simply use it's full potential

Computer technician

Senior level Comptia qualified

professional helpdesk

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Assistance et Maintenance

Prevention ◊ Remedial ◊ Evolutif

Repar'acteurs: a natural reflex for the environment

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computer repairs

Chambre des metiers et de l'artisanat Pyrénées Orientales norseCode is proud to announce an initiative for sustainable developement.

Give a new lease of life to your digital equipment

Discover our Computer repairs with a recognised nationwide label, called "Repar'Acteurs" and pave the way to a brighter futur.