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PHP ◊ HTML ◊ CSS ◊ JavaScript

  • Auditing, Keywords.
  • Graphics, Images, visuals.
  • Contruction and design.
  • liens integré
  • Linking Structured internal and external links in order to aid navigation and to inter-connect to the World wide web
  • Site hosting solutions.
  • Search engine optimisation SEO - white hat referencing employing best practice.
  • Site Perfomance- assuring optimal and reliable page loading critical for visiter engagement.
  • Site security - Mesures by which to rapidly recover a site incase of a hiccup and to counter the permanent exposure to incursion from the internet
  • Managing day to day maintenance and updates keeping things fresh

Home PCs and networks

Towers ◊ Portables ◊ Tablets

  • Our business is to keep you up and running. We can provide the support that you are looking for
  • Bilingual assistance Help with comprehension and translations.
  • At home Service available.
  • Sorting out viruses, Adware malware infections that pollute the web navigator.
  • Remote desktop services, receive assistance through the internet - (click here)
  • resolving problems with printing, printers and other peripherals.
  • Preparation for Backups and recovery, lost data recovery.
  • Most important of all, our technician is YOUR resource
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Services and Computer repairs

Repar'acteurs: an initiative for the environment

dépannage reparacteurs informatique

cma reparacteursIn association with the Chambre de metiers et de l'artisanat des Pyrénées Orientales norseCode is proud to announce an initiative for sustainable developement.

Combining Computer repairs with a recognised nationwide label, called "Repar'Acteurs". As an important initiative towards a more responsible approach to our diminishing planetary ressources. Your solutions are made easy, durable and more economic.

Using our experience of creating, repairing and configuring computer systems on Windows as well as Linux distribution platforms.

Discover our local service and solutions for protecting the valuable but diminishing planetary resources. norseCode working together with you...

computer repairs laboratory

proposing a comprehensive range of computer assistance

Including computer hardware, programs, the connected network(s) and resources

We are offering complete support throughout the multitude of computing solutions that modern networks have the potential to provide :

  1. Troubleshooting computer help to restore normale secure operations, recovery and configuration
  2. Networks and infrastructure LAN/VLAN switching routing and sécurity
  3. Analysis, Computer repairs, Configuring
  4. Deployment of terminals and operating systems
  5. Project Proposition for the creation or development of resources
  6. Ongoing maintenance and support of operational systems
  7. Annual assistance and support package available (see here)
  8. Bilingual support, configuration, operating systems and understanding documentation; that increases productivity
  9. Consultancy and Conception for developing systems and growing services
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What's more...
Many of our clients are private people with home computers and tablets. We value these clients highly; ensuring rapid Computer repairs & services, through our qualified technician, as well as advice on how to get the most from their equipment.

Your bilingual ConsultantComputer repair and websites

Having worked and studied both languages with companies such as Dell expert center, at Montpellier, as server and network analyst and then at Castres, in the Tarn, as a bilingual technical support agent. Experience has also been proven in the Pyrénées Orientales, as a technician operating in the onsite workshop at Argelès-sur-mer.

A complete bilingual service French and English for our clients; We'll accompany you in the understanding and expression of posts, pages, technical instructions and web sites written in either language. Explain to us your requirements and we'll be pleased to help

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...professionally presented and corrected for the appropriate language so that native visitors will be able to concentrate on the contents and not its semantics.

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computer help

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computer help

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