It’s simple to restore a traditional “start” menu to Windows 8 and 10 ( using the right tool, of course !)

    By using a small application, with the possibility to configure the menu at will, called "Classic shell" Just follow these straight forward steps ...

    Classic shell
  1. Download direct from the web site "Classic shell" from the link below :

  2. On the page 'Home' of this web site :

  3. Fisrt of all select the language from the 'Download translated versions' button and chose the desired language OR click directly on download for the English version.

  4. Install wizard
  5. As soon as the download is completed click twice to begin the installation programe and accept the terms of the licence

  6. licence
  7. You have the possibility to choose which elements to install (You have to keep the start menu option at the very least!) from the list that appears

  8. Personalise the installation
  9. Select the "Install" button to to start the installation of the program on the PC/tablet

  10. Install the application
  11. Next, choose the desired start menu style.

  12. Choose the start menu

    Enjoy this new improved functionnality that is missing in Windows 8 and needs improvin in 10, despite it being replaced in this latter version. It is especially recommended for machines that aren't equiped with tactile screens - but feel free to give it a try in all cases

    Here you can download the most recent version of "Classic shell"; should you wish to try it out. Simply click on the link below, it's completely free.

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