Optimise the battery life of your mobile PC

A powerful tool hidden in windows is the "powercfg" command which will run in in the "cmd" console window or the "run" panel of Windows xp/7. With this tool you can configure the energy options in order to test and to optimise the battery life. You'll also manage the dormant states, and configuration panel, available to the computer.
Command lineFirst of all by adding the switch ".cpl" (without the ") you will obtain the energy panel. that controls the general energy settings available to your particular computer.
Optimise the battery life
Then, using the "/h on" ou "/h /off" switch you can activate, or dis-activate, your hibernation option. As well as being able to dictate the size of the file to which the contents of the live memory will be placed (as a percentage value). By default this value is not less than 50, for example "/size 55" or any other value greater than that.
Whatsmore, "/sleepstudy" (Windows 8 or more) Will provide you with a list of applications and devices that wake-up the computer from a sleep state. This will run a power management survey of tasks that are draining the battery. Thereby you can stop these devises and save the battery energy.
Energy reportEqually you are able to analyse and detect problems linked to battery usage and it's life cycle by using the switch "/energy". When the PC is inactive with no programs or documents open, preferably, for an accurate assessment.
This will produce an HTML file which will be placed in the current folder. in order to configure the file name or the length of the test use the switches: "/energy /output "energyusage.html" /duration 120". Values being expressed in seconds, with a default value of 60 which is normally sufficient.
Windows energy reportFinally there is the "/batteryreport" switch, if you're running Windows 8 or more, this doesn't require privileged elevation. It will provide a useful study of the state, and remaining lifetime, of the battery. With the output file being found on the desktop unless another path is designated.

Energy report results
This is just a selection of the commands available under "powercfg" tool. You can type "powercfg /help" in the "cmd" panel (RUN -> cmd) for a full list to better control and Optimise the battery life.

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