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Why have a Website?

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Considering that over 82.6% of the population, in France alone, is connected to the internet. They are spending more than 4 hours per day, surfing the net.

At present there are

more than a billion and a half

Websites active in September 2018.

When weighing the pros and cons of communicating through web design there are multitudes of considerations to be taken into account.

The importance of such a decision becomes more focused by considering the ease by which targeted communication with a desired audience can be attained and maintained.

All this is available 24/24 for meeting the needs of a modern moving society.
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...Whether a small business, an association (under the law of 1901) or an individual, we can all find an important reason for doing this.

...To share a passion, a knowledge, a skill or a professional trade, to best find a niche market, new customers or to stay in touch with the existing client base.

Just to propose a few of the legion of possibilities.
It cannot be overstated, nowadays, that the website has become a primordial support for any communication and marketing projects...

... as witnessed by the enormous growth in customer online shopping requests accompanied by the explosion of e-commerce sites.

increasing use of online information


We are witnessing, during recent times, a withering of the classic media, such as newspapers and magazines.
This recent evolution greatly accentuates the growing importance of websites...
It is interesting that the most popular web content management program should be called "Wordpress".

Starting out life as a blog publisher, which allowed anybody to publish a page on the internet.

the word "blog" being a contraction of "weB Log" which suggests a discussion website with time-stamped dated entries.

This has now evolved into flexible open source systems with endless possibilities through the numerous plugin contributions to its core.
Another major player is the "Joomla" management system with an advanced editor allowing contributors to easily update web page contents.

This CMS offers a wide range of features that can be added-on as well as being well supported and frequently updated.

find out more with NorseCode for further information and support for starting your new website, the possibility of a site update or improving the site SEO.

The importance of web design and natural referencing

SEO Motors

A. Based on the right selection of keywords together with a well constructed, coded, and illustrated content, that corresponds best to the strict algorithms used by the principal search engines, such as Google.
Therefore your site can simply be found by internet users because it is high up on the search results page.

B. OFF PAGE optimisation with back-links. These are simply links placed on other pertinent web sites that point, when clicked upon, to the web site being optimised.
These back-links can be in the form of social media websites, such as Facebook, or authoritative websites.
Otherwise put, those that agree to mutually link, by relevance, to the subject matter.

C. Google is changing how it sees web based searches in the future and is shifting from answers to "journeys". That is to say to invite the searcher to arrive at the sought after answer via a "journey" of discovery.

  • This means the journey will become the focal point for Google’s future of search.

  • Increasingly, the search engine will know where you are in your journey quest, it'll remember what you did and where you most likely want to go.
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  • It wants you to discover and consume more content: therefore providing more content (ads), throughout this journey, instead of just pointing to pages that conform to keywords and pertinence.

  • therefore reinforcing the adage "content is king".

  • Because the context of a search will be taken into account, not necessarily a keyword; maybe you don't know the technical name for a new phenomenon that you're curious about. How does the search engine answer that journey?

  • This is the application of an artificially intelligent interpretation, known as AI, of the vague explication of that, which, you're actually attempting to search for.

Consult with us as to how best this expertise can be applied to render a site optimal, based upon...
    search engine optimisation
  • Inspired Quality content - with text, visuals, Styles
  • Good development with added features well organised and configured
  • Natural and optimized referencing (SEO)
  • Ethical SEO - White Hat referencing
  • Quality back-link building

Web Design & Graphic communication

For an existing web design...
A new website project...

Building new websites using a CMS - Content management system; that makes the updating of new site content much easier. Such as modifying the text and images found in the site pages or articles (you dont need to be a developer!). The same can be said for certain functionalities (small applications that make a page visit a better experience) and their place on the page or, indeed the page chosen for their display.

In France, alone, you can count, daily, upon 52,7 millions web-surfers (83.8% of the population) in mai 2018, according to Médiamétrie


  • Site audit

  • Competitors site audit
  • - Analysis
    - Detailed results
    - Comparison

  • Keywords
  • - Search
    - Evaluation
    - Integration

  • Client specifications
  • - listing the principle lines and needs guiding the site developement


  • Zoning
  • - Page layout

  • Wireframe
  • - Organisation, details
    - positioning
    - Features

  • Site architecture
  • - file Structure
    - Menus
    - Site map

  • Graphical identity
  • - graphical styles
    - Fonts, colours
    - Logo, icons, images
    - Text


  • Web language codes
  • - Site construction
    - Links
    - Styling for Visuals
    - Text

  • Integration with the CMS (content management system)

  • Database

  • Functions
  • - added features and interactivity

  • Languages

  • Responsive web pages


  • Choice of Web Hosting provider

  • Web server type
  • - Mutualised
    - Dedicated

  • Domain Name

  • Deployment
  • - Configuration CMS
    - link addresses
    - Site security

  • Natural (organic) SEO
Our complete web services will accompany you throughout the creative aspects of site design whether for a new site or the revision of an existing site. We can meet the expectations of demanding visitors with a clear response to all their needs...

Our latest creative web design

  1. Images created and manipulated through Gimp®, Photoshop® & Illustrator®For Web Publication.

  2. Creation of Logos, FavIcons, Icons, Illustrations and Photographs

  3. Construct a coherent and intuitive site navigation

  4. Reflecting style of the client and nature of the activity presented
  5. Choice & size of fonts

  6. Web page styling for the text and graphics

  7. Optimising graphics, code and and SEO for web publication.

  8. Follow-through of web hosting and production stages of the site development
  9. website lftg.fr website criniere d'or

Webmaster services

Whether it's for a NEW WEB DESIGN

A site in need of updating with a new, up to date look. By employing a technique called "Benchmarking", in order to be better placed, in search engine page results, than the competitors.
Therefore, to better serve your visitors, as well as capturing the attention of new visitors.

the web site is your stall with your product spread out and presented as a universal display

website webdesign jpg

Web definitions ...

affichage mobileADAPTIVE Web design - Depending on the type of device used our sites look good on all mobile screens. The contents adapt to the screen size.
This can include prioritising and selecting contents for tablets and smart phones.

In this way the page is not clipped at the edges and stays automatically compatible for all the visitors.
In order to achieve this the web site contents are written separately for each type of viewing support. As such there is, in effect a website for each device perfectly adapted to screen width and type of information delivery and optimisation.
Therefore favouring rapidity, reader comfort and a fluid presentation well shaped for the type of screen and user search.

RESPONSIVE web design We use 'Responsive' Web design using the same web-site. Thereby tailoring the contents to automatically reposition according to the screen width and device type.
The same content can be shown or hidden, following this selective process, in order to optimise the presentation of information.

More and more visitors are using mobile phones to get information, quickly, from a site, whilst on the move. Otherwise they are simply distracting themselves, to pass the time in a queue or waiting room.

Search engine Optimisation SEO: search engine

The purpose of a good web site is to present information to it's visitors. In order to do this it must be "findable" on the Internet.

Some visitors may have found the site name in an advert or business card, however the majority of visitors depend upon a search engine for this information.

So it is of vital importance that the site is both recognised and appreciated by the engine. If it is appreciated (ie it respects the strict criteria of a well organised site) then it will be listed high up on the results page; hopefully amongst the first page of results!

Although this is an organic process, that will reward those sites being present for a certain duration; will inevitably lead to this effort being rewarded by a marked increase in the total number of visitors.
That is to say that the site becomes more "visible" on the internet.

Organic or Natural referencing (SEO)

This involves the optimisation through respecting on-page and off page improvements. These will include the code and contents for on-page optimising, together with the site being linked to. Off page optimisation, linking from other relevant site, as the means of natural off-page optimisation, from a site such as a forum, for example.

We can see that these types of improvements do not require payments for advertising hence are 'organic', through the site construction, and adhere to the strict algorithms used to analyse the utility of the external web site.


Furthermore, the web hosting service, just as the Internet provider, will assure an extremely high-availability and level of security. With a built-in equipment redundancy, and procedures, they'll insure continual levels of accessibility to the internet and to your Website 24h/7 with at least 99,5% service uptime.
We'll accompany you in all stages of choosing a suitable host all the way to a functional online site in production. No matter whether it's for a local or wider target, specialiste or general audience. Let's see more...

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